Who are we

In order to succeed at doing something big you start by taking small steps and, for Pressto beginnings were not different.

From that first dry cleaning store that opened by 1994 in the Madrilenian suburb of Chambery, the great ideas that as time goes by gave place to the business success that we have achieved up to today and have permitted us having stores all around the globe, still remains. bola_mundo_EN

What is the secret to our success?

A thorough analysis of market, sector and customer needs gave us the guidelines to keep on investing in technology, in expansion to national and International markets and, above all, in our future. This is the way we are able to offer you the best service and be the leading chain of dry cleaner’s. All this is what makes Pressto to be a well positioned Franchise among the big dry cleaning Franchise chains with an unique concept which is safe, transmissible and profitable. We are investigating every day and we are more prepared than ever to offer an experience of excellent service.


Because we want to offer you a quality service in any of the shops you visit.
At Pressto, as franchising company, we exploit directly the use and expansion of our brand. That is why we have common standards to all our stores Worldwide. With the objective of guarantying maximal quality for our final customer and success for all our franchisees, continuing improving and innovating our services, in Pressto we have self-owned shops  in which we practice our know-how.
It is in these stores where our specialized staff sets in motion the different processes of garment treatment, last innovations in dry cleaning and newest cleaning Systems to be able to offer always the best of services to our customers. Our headquarters are established in Madrid and most of our self-owned stores are in Spain, but Pressto also has self owned shops in other countries like Mexico.