Pressto around the world

Thanks to our original business concept, our technology and service, you can have the Pressto experience in the five continents.

At Pressto Dry Cleaner’s we have succeeded in progressing by adapting to the different markets and needs of each type of customer in every one of the countries we are present. This is the reason that we have had a fast and solid growth that has turned us in a reference for dry cleaning Worldwidel. Thanks to this, we have achieved recognition to our work with several awards, among them; “The World’s largest projection Franchise” award should be highlighted, given by magazine “Franquicias Hoy”, of which we are particularly proud. 001-EMPRESA-enelMundo-lateral-02_EN

We started International expansion almost at the same time in Portugal and Mexico. In Europe we have also presence in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Portugal, Gibraltar.

Following the great acceptance in the Aztec country, we expanded to Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Panama.

In Africa we are present in Morocco, Angola and Nigeria and very soon in Ghana.

In Asia, Pressto is already present in Malaysia, India, Singapore, Catar, Saudi Arabia, Omán, Dubai, Lebanon, Jordan, Indonesia and very soon we will be arriving in Thailand and Vietnam.

By 2008 we had a great success by taking the Pressto concept to the remaining continent to be conquered: Oceania with the incorporation of Australia.

Thanks to a consolidated and adaptable to the needs of each country business model, developing machinery and cleaning processes fully ecological, we have achieved a fast expansion that we will be increasing in the coming years.